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Vacation Time is here! Isle of Palms Here We Come!

One of the greatest things about living in South Carolina, or just across the border in NC 😦 is,  you’re no more than three hours from a slew of great lakes, as well as, the beach and the mountains.

Tomorrow Mike and I load up our two labs and one Jack Russell Terrorist and a whole bunch of stuff and head to the Isle Of Palms! The IOP is just about the happiest place on earth, sorry Mickey and Minnie, because it’s this wonderful sleepy little beach town AND best of all, it’s only twenty minutes from Charleston. SIGH. One of the most beautiful cities on the planet, at leas that I know of:-)

In between beach combing, biking, cooking and dining out, I’ll be checking in from time to time  this week to post about fabulous meals and the charming Lowcountry in general.  Maybe the hubster and I will take another full day, translation MARATHON, kayak trip to Bull Island. Who knows? But pay attention, you just might learn something, and I hope that something is you REALLY want to visit to Charleston!



About Kim Boykin

I am the author of THE WISDOM OF HAIR (3/5/13, Berkley.) I live in Charlotte, NC with three dogs and my husband, Mike. I write Southern Women’s Fiction, which I know isn’t capitalized, but don’t you think it ought to be? I love to cook Asian, any kind of seafood, healthy but tasty. I read funny, sad, witty fiction and the same type of memoirs. I tend to find an author I like and read everything they’ve ever written. That last book is always a bummer particularly when you’ve fallen in love with a Lolly Winston-type author and she stops at three books. She says she’s been busy doing laundry. Since 2007? Please. When I’m not writing, or searching for my next Lolly, or cooking up something good, I garden. I have 126 rose bushes last time I counted and that was a long time ago. I love to grow things from seeds that I “borrow” from Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. At one time in my life I was unfairly dubbed a flower thief, so I figure why not?

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